SNS Student Kit 3

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Product Overview

The SNS Student Kit 3 includes the basic essentials a well-established nail salon needs to create easy and beautiful French Manicure Sets. This is the perfect choice for your salon when wanting to try out this great product. Student Kit 3 comes with 3 powders, 7 gels.

-Powders (2oz): 
1. French White 
2. Natural Set 
3. Natural Pink 

-Gels (15ml):
1. Gel Base 
2. Brush Saver 
3. Sealer Dry 
4. Brush on Glue 
5. Gelous Base 
6. Gel Top 
7. Vitamin Oil

-Dip Case

Please note that the bottle may look different to the image provided as SNS has updated their bottles. The Liquid inside remains the same.

Warning: To avoid injury, DO NOT force the bottle open. If the bottle cap is stuck immerse the bottle in hot water including the cap for 5 minutes. Remove the bottle from the water. Cover the bottle with a pedicure towel and twist the cap gently to open.